Frequently Asked Questions

What if a guest wants to spend the night with me?
That’s no problem at all. Just let the house management in the office know the day before.Please pay 5€ per night for the consumption caused by your visitor cash in the office.

What about my laundry?
You can use the washing machines in the laundry room for a fee. In the garden and on the balconies there are drying stands. We also have several ironing boards and irons for you to iron your laundry.

How can I clean?
You can borrow a vacuum cleaner and the necessary cleaning utensils from us.

Is there a basement with bike racks?
No, but there are plenty of bicycle stands outside where you can connect your bike with a good lock.

What if I want faster Internet?
Then you have to conclude your own contract with a provider.


Tel.: +49- (0)421-56 34 60 50

Opening hours
Monday, Thusday, Thursday, Friday 9.00 – 12.00 o’clock
Wednesday 15:30 – 18:00 o’clock

How do I pay the rent?
The easiest way to do this is with a standing order. If you are a language course participant or exchange student and do not have an account in Germany, you can exceptionally pay in cash in the office.

What about my mail?
When you move in, you give us a power of attorney that we can accept your letters and parcels from the postman. Letters are distributed to the mailboxes. You can pick up parcels at the office. You don’t need to go to the post office for this.

Are toilets, washrooms and showers separated for men and women?
No. The washrooms are used by two adjacent residents, the toilets by four residents and the showers by everyone in the corridor. But the toilets and washrooms are of course lockable so that everyone can use them undisturbed.

Do I have to clean myself?
Of course! In your room you are responsible for the cleanliness. We have vacuum cleaner and anything you need for cleaning.

Can I bring my own furniture?
No, the rooms are fully furnished.

What about bed linen, bed linen and towels?
You get these things here. Everything is washed regularly.

Where can I find …?