Favourable housing

We believe that housing for students must be affordable!

In our house you pay 240 € per month for a completely furnished room including all additional costs. This is an unbeatable price compared to many other Bremen providers. The price is valid for all 72 rooms in the dormitory.

In addition there is a one-time flat-rate renovation fee of 240 € when you move in. If you live for less than six semesters, you will receive a refund of part of the flat rate.

Peaceful coexistence

In the Bremen Ecumenical Residence we live multicultural. Together with women and men from different countries you live under one roof, a potpourri of different nationalities living peacefully under one roof, oikoumené ¬ that’s our house! And so it is since 1962.

We are there for you

You can experience international togetherness in the corridor groups with kitchens and in the club rooms. Andi f you need a quiet place? You will find retreats on the ground floor with its seating groups, in the club rooms or outside on the green areas in summer. Television and table tennis are also available. Do you have any questions or are you bothered by something? The house management and the staff is here for you and will help you.